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Wall Jewelry Box




A wall jewelry box is a type of jewelry box or armoire that stores jewelry, but one that is actually mounted on a wall. There are some very big jewelry boxes that are considered wall jewelry boxes because they stand up against the wall, but most wall jewelry boxes are wall mounted to hang up.

Some of these boxes or armoires simply store jewelry and have a plain door on them, some are decorative and display the jewelry inside through a glass or mirror door, and some are actually designed to look like something else entirely. This is not necessarily for any specific purpose, other than to make a fashion statement, or to have the wall mount jewelry box blend in with its surroundings.

Buying a wall mount jewelry armoire is very much a matter of preference. Jewelry boxes, in general, are very much dependent upon personal tastes when it comes to determining whether or not someone likes them. Have you ever bought a wall mounted jewelry box before, but when shopping or it, saw a lot of jewelry boxes that didn’t appeal to you?

Well, the same standard is true here, except that wall jewelry armoires do not sit in a closet or on the dresser… they are mounted on the wall for all your family, friends, and guests to see. So, it is important to choose a wall jewelry box that you like, not just one that will work.

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As for what type of jewelry box to get, this really depends on what you are going to use it for.

  • Are you going to display your favorite pearl necklace in your parlor? 
  • Are you going to display that locket your husband got you with a picture of him in the background? 
  • Or, are you going to simply keep the wall mounted jewelry armoire in your bedroom, close to your dresser, because your other jewelry boxes are taking up too much room? 

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Wall mount jewelry boxes and organizers are great space savers, and can be a great way to fit everything in without having to get rid of jewelry that is special to you. Or, you can keep your most casual jewelry in your bathroom, so that while you are getting ready to got to work in the morning, you do not need to make an unnecessary trip to the bedroom for forgetting your necklace!

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As far as price goes, wall mount jewelry boxes and armoires range from inexpensive, cheap utility boxes to elaborate, expensive antiques from a hundred years ago. This is an item that you could travel to London to buy, pay a LOT of money for, and then have it flown home via special charter, or simply go to the mall and purchase with that gift card you got your last birthday!

So, how much you spend on a wall jewelry box, armoire or organizer is really up to you. Just remember that even inexpensive wall jewelry boxes will still keep your rings and other jewelry stylish...and while they might not be antiques, they will be one day if you take good care of them!

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